VinnovateIT is the official innovation and incubation lab of SITE School, VIT Vellore.

To put it simply....we are the answer to the question "What if Elon Musk and Albert Einstein had a brain child?"

We aim to be the one stop destination for all you curious cats and satisfy your hunger in the diverse world of computer science.

So come immerse yourself, in what we like to believe is the closest thing to Hogwarts😉


app development
machine learning
web development
UI/UX designing
Competitive Coding




Ayush Bansal


Sriesh Agrawal

Vice Chairperson

Sankar Kvs

Technical Chair

Saransh Bhachawat

Management Chair

Ritik Kumar

Projects Head

Akash Shukla

Design Head

Aayush Chodvadiya

Competitive Coding Head

Shivam Chokhani

Events Head

Eashwar Shriram

Editorial Head

Sejal Bharti

Head of External Affairs

Muskan Agarwal

Web Dev Lead

Dishit Duggar

App Dev Lead

Sanskriti Negi

UI/UX Lead

Prajjwal Gupta

Innovations Lead

Dhruv Vaidh

Design Lead

Akash Gupta

Marketing Lead

Aviral Jain


Naman Joe Naveen

Vice President

Anurag Chawla

Management Head

Arhit Bose Tagore

Tech Head

Sanket Babar

Design Head

Tanmay Vyas

Projects Head

Ashish Gupta

Creative Head

Parshva Jain

Media Head


Head of Operations

Neha Singh

Head of Outreach

Soham Bhattacharjee

Marketing Head

Ritodeep Das

Head of Innovations

Vinit Shahdeo

President 2017-18

Sahaj Maheshwari

Entrepreneurship Head 2017-18

Roshan Shah

Management Head 2019-20

Meet Shukla

President 2019-20

Ayush Bansal

Chairperson 2021-22

Sriesh Agrawal

Vice Chairperson 2021-22

Prajjwal Gupta

Innovations Lead 2021-22

Kshitij Dhyani

President 2020-21

Ritik Kumar

Projects Lead 2021-22

Sankar Kvs

Technical Chair 2021-22

Sanskriti Negi

UI/UX Lead 2021-22

Akash Shukla

Design Head 2021-22


Step into the realm of innovation- where creativity and imagination meet skills to lead to ever-lasting changes.

Connect With Us

Address : 

Research Laboratory • SJT 1st Floor
VIT Vellore • Tamil Nadu • India

Email    : [email protected]