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About VinnovateIT

VinnovateIT is an OFFICIAL innovation and incubation lab of SITE School.
VinnovateIT is a one-stop destination from all digitally curious Homosapiens.We are a group of like-minded people looking for some technical trouble in life.Learning from our mistakes and those of others is our motto and nectar of innovation is our diet.Looking through problems as opportunities to learn and improve is what keeps us going.So be ready to immerse yourself in an technically interdependent ecosystem we call VinnovateIT.


Past Events

Orientation Session

Orientation Session

To let loose the tips and tricks and to get rid of all the dilemmas about this vast world of technology, the VinnovateIT orientation program for the 1st year students of Vellore Institute of Technology was organized on 4th August, 2017at 4:00 PM at Shakespeare Gallery‚Äč.
In this orientation various topics like Internet of things, Data Science, App Development, Web Development, Software Design and many more were discussed.



Our hackathon focuses on social obstacles and problems. Each team will be asked to ponder over the given problem statements and develop ideas and implement them either through software or both software and hardware to solve the problem. The teams with the best ideas and implementations will win.


Simple, smart , unique and efficient ideas to solve problems, with effective implementation is something that we strongly believe in. Being a technical Lab based club, our vision is to consistently deliver the best projects based on

  • AppDevelopment
  • WebDevelopment
  • IOTInternet of Things
  • MachineLearning
  • UI/UXDesigning

Real Time VR Headsets

This project is a novel method to gamify ECG output. Person wears a VR headset and ECG electrodes are attached to his chest. In headset, person can see imaginary objects in real world (like game Pokemon GO).

Smart Tap

The aim is to fabricate a prototype of a 'smart' tap that would turn off automatically when the liquid in a container underneath it reaches the desired level.
Pollution Monitoring System
A simple IOT based system to keep a track on the pollution levels through sensors for detecting CO2, NO2, CO, sulphurous gases, and other pollutants, measuring the atmospheric parameters like pressure, temperature, humidity, etc.

Cloud Based Car Parking

The idea was to plant a sensor based system in each parking cell to check whether it is empty or not. Corresponding data is then sent to cloud and data can be displayed collectively on the web app.

Motion Triggered Security System

The project aims at ensuring security using motion detector sensors and which triggers an action such as sending an sms when motion is detected.

Weather Detector

A model that consists of a TEMPRATURE SENSOR, PIR SENSOR that will detect the temperature, humidity and pressure and would give a high value input to the Arduino was built.

Board Members


Meet Shukla


Roshan Shah

Managment Head

Janesh Rohira

Project Lead

Arushi Shah

PR Head

Satakshi Roy

Design Head

Mounish Sai

Technical Advisor

Pratik Roy

IOT Advisor

Shreya Anand


Yasho Laxmi

General Secretary

Souvik Mangal

Vice President (Technical)

Kritika Singh

Vice President (Management)

Neelesh Gupta

Projects Head

Kushagra Aggarwal

Finance Lead

Deep Baldha

Projects Lead

Utsav Gupta

Projects Lead

Sachin Vasistha


Sulabh Agarwal

President 2015-16

Apoorv Bandi

President 2016-17

Vinit Shahdeo

President 2017-18